Chikara Damascus Series 8" Chef's Knife

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You may never need another chef’s knife after you’ve experienced the precision and durability of the Hanaita 8” chef’s knife from Ginsu’s Damascus series. Like all knives in the Damascus series, the 8” Hanaita chef’s knife is comprised of 33 individual, alternating layers of low-carbon Japanese 420J2 stainless steel forged together and sharpened to an extreme 10 degree Asian knife angle. The core of the blade itself is comprised of the high carbon, incredibly rigid Japanese VG-1 stainless steel, giving the blade unparalleled strength and stability.

To give this blade its strength and edge, it is cryogenically cooled with liquid nitrogen to retain the sharpest edge possible by realigning the molecules of the stainless steel. Be sure to hand wash this blade only so as to preserve its edge and finish, and enjoy a limited lifetime warranty on your purchase!