Damascus Series 4 Piece Prep Set

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Our Chikara Damascus 4-piece prep set is an elegant and beautiful choice for anyone looking to add Japanese-style cutlery to their kitchen. Santoku, utility and paring knives are housed in a beautiful, natural bamboo block that is supported by a steel arm adorned with Japanese calligraphy.

What makes these knives so special is how they are made. Each blade in this set is forged out of 33 alternating layers of high and low carbon Japanese Damascus 420J2 steel wrapped around a rigid VG-1 metal core. After being forged, each blade is sharpened to an extreme 10 degree Asian knife angle for unparalleled sharpness. To keep their edges, each blade is cryogenically cooled to align the molecules of the steel. An expertly-balanced hilt at the base of the blade protects your fingers from cuts and provides complete control over each and every cut. Be sure to only hand wash these blades and enjoy them with a limited lifetime warranty!


  • 5" Santoku
  • 5" utility knife
  • 3" paring knife
  • Bamboo block