"The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home" Engraved Cutting Board

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"The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home"

Laser Etched Cutting Board with 7" Santoku.
The 7” Essential Santoku knife is the perfect knife for food prep. Whether mincing, dicing, slicing or chopping, the Santoku knife can get the job done. With its commercial quality stainless steel design and Kullens grind along the blade’s edge, and it is less likely to have food stick to it when in use. A full, triple-riveted tang runs the length of the knife for superior balance and control.  Our cutting boards are laser-etched with a beautiful designs making them both practical and stylish. These etched boards make a perfect gift for a family, or a couple, maybe a friend, or that special someone in your life. Surprise others with a unique wedding, anniversary or housewarming gift. Show your appreciation with one of a kind party favor for you bridesmaids or groomsmen, friends or family members. In addition, an etched cutting board would make an excellent corporate gift for a business partner or a prospective client.